Restaurant Review, Le Connétable, Paris

Image stolen from their website. Sorry Connetable.

Image stolen from their website. Sorry Connetable.

We’d passed this corner restaurant and bar on the way to the amazing Dessance restaurant. It looked cozy and so we managed to get back here on a dark winter night. Without a reservation (though the first to arrive), we got the very last table. By the time we left, it was completely full, and I think this was only a Monday or Tuesday. Le Connetable is both a bar and restaurant and the hotel dates back to 1340. It has a fantastic historic feel to it, and serves traditional French bistro food. Because of that, and because the menu looks pretty typical, my expectations were only medium.

But after tasting the food (we each had the 24 euro formula), we were super impressed. It was simple, wonderful and tasty, a whole notch above the dozens of other French bistros, as well as above our expectations. My salad of green beans with chicken livers was a thumbs-up as was S.’s hot chevre profiterole. He was happy with his very tender lamb, as was I with my turkey scallopini with a heavy rich cream sauce of sorrel (I think: Oseille, in the original). I finished with a baked custard with salted butter, but snagged a tasty piece of S.’s pear and chocolate tart. We were very happy with choosing Le Connetable.

Le Connetable
55 de la rue des archives
Paris 75004

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