Product review: Nanobag (reusable shopping bags)

When I shop, particularly for something new, or from a source that I’m unfamiliar with, I usually try to find reviews. What I want is to read a convincing voice that says: yes, you are making the right decision. Or: no, don’t buy it. And so that’s why I occasionally put up product reviews too, in case this finds its way to someone like me, wondering if they should buy a Nanobag.

So, what are Nanobags? They are reusable shopping bags, but collapsible into the tiniest package so you can tuck them into your pocket or purse or manbag. I’m a bit obsessed with this type of shopping bag. I really HATE using plastic, non-reusable shopping bags, and I’m glad that they are being phased out in some stores and in some countries. They are just terrible for the environment. And while the big green bags (they’re mostly green here in Australia) are useful and sturdy for regular groceries, I really like the option of ones that you can easily carry around with you.

When we lived in Paris a few years ago, most of the grocery stores offered different varieties of them, some nicer than others. What I really want out of these bags is that the pouch is attached to the bag, rather than being separate (because I would worry about losing the pouch, and also find it fussy when it’s separate). A few years ago, I found a Chico Bag, and had a few delivered to my brother’s US home, where I picked them up one Christmas (since at the time, they were ridiculously expensive to be shipped to Australia). This was fine, and the little carabiner clip seemed, at the time, useful to attach to a belt loop. And the pirate design amused me. Arrh matey.

When I lost one of the Chico Bags, I searched for what was new, and discovered Nanobags on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, there is a listing up on both. Obviously made my reusable shopping bag obsessives like me, they decided to make the smallest ones possible, by using parachute material, I believe, and the tiny drawstrings on the bag are like tiny soft but tough ribbons. Based in Hong Kong, the inventors, have, I think struck the jackpot. You can see from the photo that the bags are probably less than half the size of my Chico Bag.

The shape can be a tiny bit awkward if the bag is too full, but then I’d recommend just using two of them. They fit perfectly on the shoulder. And, as promised, they are ridiculously light, super tough (no tears or holes yet after 9 months), and come in many attractive and amusing designs. I got four of them for US$39 (AUD 54), and while I wondered if they were a little expensive, I think they’re well worth the cost. My only problem is that they are so small that I worry about losing them (and often forget which pocket I’ve left one in). I’ve lost one so far.

All in all, if you’ve stumbled on this blog post because you’re searching for a review of the Nanobag (and even if you aren’t), I highly recommend these. Save the planet! I think this link should work to get you to their Indiegogo page. I believe they deliver worldwide.

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