Paris Food Adventures: East Side Burgers, 11th

IMG_4902 Having failed to get into Deux Fois Plus de Piment (on a Friday night, of course this would happen without a reservation), we wandered back past the Boudin Noir on offer at Diablito Latino and decided to see what a vegan burger is at East Side Burgers.

IMG_4900With a variety of choices, I opted to try the vegan bacon with cheeseburger. It was… uh…: relatively small (which is good); the patty tasted vaguely of beans, the cheese of cheese, and the bacon was an amusing colour but didn’t taste of much. Not sure what could have made it taste better; it was a fair imitation of a fast-food burger but… Points for contributing to a healthier planet, and in a hipster atmosphere (the outside table looked nice, the posters on the walls were fun)…  I wouldn’t be rushing back to try their other burgers though.

I would have liked to try their homemade coleslaw (I love a good coleslaw) but they were sold out. The fries were awesome though; very crisp and with an addictive quality about them. Nom nom.

60 bd Voltaire
75011 Paris
11ème, Chemin Vert/Richard Lenoir

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