Paris Diary: On the sweet trail, South Pigalle

Here’s my latest article to appear online on Bonjour Paris, a fun ‘Insider’s Guide’ to the City of Lights.

Here’s the full article.

Below is a preview to whet your appetite…


It’s easy to get dazzled by Sacre Coeur and the charms of Montmartre, but just across a grand boulevard (Clichy or Rochechouart, take your pick) are the delights of South Pigalle. While you wouldn’t go amiss stocking up on stylish vintage clothes, or nabbing a ridiculously cool item of clothing at Stephane Ashpool’s boutique, Pigalle (as written up in the New York Times and with a high, high amount of  international cool factor), my recommendation is to follow your sweet tooth. Because you’re in Paris: why not? …

And now, head here.

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