New tasty treat: Tsukemen

I love trying new food, and was intrigued by the menu item ‘Tsukemen’ at Ramen Zundo, a small Japanese restaurant tucked into the row of quick eateries on the ground floor of World Square.

I’ve tried cold soba noodles, light and delicate, that you dip into a salty broth (as introduced to me by my sister-in-law and brother) but I’ve not encountered cold ramen noodles to be dipped into a heavier, hot sauce.



Being a sucker for Japanese curry, that’s the sauce I ordered, and the dish really was very good: chewy, fresh noodles and the thick soul-food comfort of the curry sauce.

Some dude named Jeong has given a fun recount of eating tsukemen in Japan and I loved reading that Ramen Zundo’s owners Hiroki and Masako make these delicious ramen noodles themselves:

Sally Webb in the Good Food Guide describes that ‘Hiroki, who learnt to make noodles in Japan, uses a blend of premium Australian flours to create a texture that’s silky but firm to the bite and ”catches” the soup.’

It sounds like the regular ramen here is pretty spectacular so I shall try to get back here sometime soon.

Who’s ready for ramen?

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  1. David Simms says:

    I was hoping for a recipe link. I’ll see if it exists in Toronto yet.

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