Home Cooking: Cantonese Wonton

IMG_3669So, I am on the cusp of posting up the recipe I’m using but am going to wait first to make the second batch of them (the filling and skins are both in the freezer, one recipe is good for two packs)…

Some observations though:

  1. I like using the egg wrappers (coloured yellow instead of white)
  2. I like using the square wrappers
  3. Learning to fold them is not so difficult, though not done quickly. It’s a bit like a wonton meditation. My preferred form is to fold them in half into a rectangle, and then bring the corners together. Beautiful!
  4. Make a dozen or so at a time, freeze batches spaced out on a plate and then you can just put them in a freezer bag without them sticking together.
  5. I like the combo of pork and shrimp, and the shrimp should be cut into big enough pieces that you can taste the texture. I made the mistake the first time of whizzing it with my stick blender/food processor into a shrimp paste, and it wasn’t as good.
  6. These really are fantastic to make up and keep in the freezer. I think a little serving of 5, maybe 6, is a beautiful appetizer, served with a spicy sauce (for which I’ll also post the recipe soon).

For some reason, it makes me feel very proud to have figured out how to make wonton at home. Some sort of nod to my Chinese heritage, and dumplings are my favourite food group.


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