Hawaii Food Diary: Opal Thai Food, Chinatown

Opal Thai Food was the best food I had in my first few days in Hawaii, and it’s not just the food that’s great. Chef Opal comes to your table, asks you what you like to eat, and then brings out food accordingly.

The food was tasty and fresh, with vibrant flavours, and a nice surprise too, since you’re not sure what you might be getting. Opal told us he came with his family at age 12 to the US, and now has this wonderful mixed vibe of local, laid back Hawaiian local, and Thai guy. He’s also very funny.

With a friend who is mostly vegan and a fussy eater as well, I was impressed that Opal served up dishes for both of us which were perfect.

There was something tasty and fried (taro root?) with beansprouts and green onions. Some chicken wings with deep-fried crispy basil.

I’d told him that I love Northern Thai food, and was so surprised that he was able to serve up sticky rice, a favourite of mine, but not available at most Thai restaurants in Sydney (the Northern ones, yes). Matched with Thai sausage, also not a common dish, I was in heaven.

Thomas got a vegetarian wrap with cabbage leaves. We finished with a curry soup, not too hot, with rice noodles, and some beautiful flavours.

If you’re trying to find it, here’s their website, and it’s on Smith Street in Chinatown. My brother and sister-in-law tell me Opal is pretty famous around here, and started off with a food truck in Haleiwa before going to bricks and mortar (I think in late 2017).

In the meantime, as a food blogger who prefers using Zomato, it’s evident that no one else uses it in Hawaii. They use Yelp! A few days here, and I’ve managed to get to #5 reviewer, #7 photographer, and this blog post will get me on the board, last, but tied for #2 as there are only 2 people currently on there.

Opal Thai Food Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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