Food Diary: Two Sticks, Chinatown, Sydney

IMG_3542We were coming back from a lecture on Ken Wilber’s Stages of Human Development, and you know, I was kind of hungry. My better half reminded me that if we stayed on the bus IMG_3543and extra stop, we’d be right near the restaurant from Yunnan that I’d told him at least twice I wanted to try.

IMG_3544For Yunnanese food: what’s that? Even though I’d been to Kunming at least twice for work meetings, I wasn’t sure what they would bring to Sydney and promote as regional Chinese food. All I knew is that every time we went by, this place was packed.

And it was still packed, at 9pm on a weekday; though we managed to get the last seat. The specialties, it turns out, our big metal bowls of soup, with suitable warnings not to touch the pot. Mine had thin slices of both chicken and beef, and the noodles came on the side. The broth did not taste like a clear Cantonese broth, nor was it spicy like, say, a hot and sour soup. It was rich, earthy and meaty and really, quite pleasant, as were the noodles and vegetables.

IMG_3546My better half had a small bowl of medicinal chicken soup, which was tasty and inexpensive and also tasted a bit different – richer, more complex, a bitter note – than expected.

Ah, and a tiny plate of white steamed chicken, where the traditional green onion and ginger and sesame oil sauce that I’m used to had been blitzed into a very tasty paste. For $5, I could have eaten about 4 of these though…

IMG_3545All in all, a great snack, an excellent way to finish an evening of human development, and sufficiently intriguing that I’ll want to go. Also, as you can tell from the photos, this place was rather photogenic.

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