Food Diary: Battle of the Taiwanese Fried Chicken, Sydney CBD, Part 2


A few weeks after eating at Hot Star Chicken, looking for something quick and cheap, we come across Taiwan Soul Food (missing an ‘i’). The specialty apparently is to choose a bunch of items like tofu, vegies and weird stuff, give it, along with a pack of instant noodles, to the chef and they cook it up in a broth that has been simmering for 12 hours. Next time, we’ll try it. This time, we decided to try their version of the Taiwanese Fried Chicken. IMG_4147

We ordered one on its own, and one with a bowl of rice that came with some delicious pickles and minced meat stuff. I myself thought my piece was not as crispy as Hot Star Chicken, and therefore not as good, but my better half thought his was equally good, if not better. IMG_4148

In any case, it was new and different, and hey: I’ve tried a new food. Have you tried it? What did you think?

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