Coffee in Sydney: Bare Naked Bowls, Surry Hills

After 30 years, the owner and designer of Wheel and Dollbaby, with their shopfront on Crown Street, decided to call it quits, and suddenly there’s a new cafe selling extremely healthy looking meals, and some interesting hot drinks.

Surry Hills is the third location of Bare Naked Bowls (the others are in Manly and Coogee), and as “favourite superfood cafes specializing in serving delicious Acai Bowls, Superfood Smoothies, Breakfast Bowls, Cold Pressed Juices, Organic Coffee, Kombucha and Raw Treats”, I’m predicting success, so long as the trend for this style of healthy food continues (and I think it will). Combining the promise of nudity, health and the current trend for putting food in bowls (how did this become a trend?), the design of this cafe is wood, wood, wood (three times, see?).

We stopped by for an English Breakfast tea (D’s go-to drink, unless they’re out of English Breakfast, in which case Irish Breakfast might do), and while I was tempted by my usual latte, I decided to go with one of their unusual superfood hot drinks. And what would be more unusual than a blue latte made from blue-green algae? It was tasty, and served up in an attractive ceramic cup, I found it so appealing that I’d ordered it again. It tasted like an interesting, savoury, coffee substitute, not herbal or medicine, sort of earthy, and pleasant tasting (I had mine with almond milk, so perhaps that was the predominant flavour, the slight sweetness matched with a lovely creaminess). And blue!

Stopped by at a later time and had lunch with a friend. I thought the waitresses were sweet, sort of hovering over us to make sure we got the right food and liked it; he found them annoying.

I was impressed with the food, which was instagrammable and very tasty. My friend’s annoyance gave way to telling me it was definitely an above-average avocado on toast. I thought my oatmeal bowl was delectable.

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