Coffee in Paris: KBCafeshop, Pigalle

IMG_4645So, I’m not sure why they run the name together like that… but having found this cafe from lists of good coffee in Paris on the interweb, we love this place, located in South Pigalle.

IMG_4643Apparently, KBCafeshop was originally called Kooka Burra, and I’m not sure how the French would have pronounced that…

The French owner trained as a barista in Sydney in the late noughties and has now been heralding Australian coffee in the City of Lights.

The vibe is cool and laid-back; the food looks tasty but all we’ve had so far are the tall glasses of lattes, with a heart on the surface, and it’s really good coffee!

IMG_4644IMG_4652Looks like they do brunch too, and sell their beans to whoever wants them!

Location: 53 avenue Trudaine, 75009 (9ème arrondissement)

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