Buenos Aires Food Adventures: La Cabrera

  Clocking in last year at #33 on the Top 50 restaurants in Latin America list, La Cabrera seemed like the obvious choice to try a traditional Argentinean grill during our recent trip to Buenos Aires. Located in a fun, chic neighbourhood, Palermo Soho, we were seated inside and it was like a magical cave filled with crazy artwork hanging from the ceiling and sort of every space and corner filled with some sort of decoration.

The service was exhuberant! The only fault was that they could have told us that we had ordered too much food. The steaks already come with sides, so many little interesting dishes, that the delicious empanada and grilled provolone we ordered as appetizers were unnecssary… and then only after I had mostly conquered the largest steak I had ever seen, larger than the size of my face, did he mention that people often split it between two of them.

In any case, the flavours were intense and delicious, and the atmosphere terrific and we ate far too much (and drank delicious Argentinean wine). Also, it’s easy enough to book online through their website. I’d say this is a must for meat-eating tourists!

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