Big Apple Food Adventures: Parm, Lower East Side

My family has always been obsessed with food shows, so it’s no surprise my Mom flips to the Food Channel while we’re in New York City. One of her favourites is on, Andrew Zimmern, with a show called Bizarre Foods Delicious Destinations, and the show is about Manhattan. He extols the virtues of American meatballs, and there’s a feature with two brothers down on Mulberry Street making big meatballs and fresh pasta and it looks delicious. But there’s something in their business model that since this was a recent episode, they don’t seem to list the names of the businesses they feature. ANYWHERE. I tried asking him for the name on Twitter with no reply, and did many searches on Google, but can’t figure out which restaurant it was. Oh well. It got meatballs on my mind though, and so I stumbled upon Parm down on Mulberry Street.

I loved the simplicity of the menu, and not being super hungry, I went for the meatball roll ($10) along with a delicious glass of Montepulciano ($11). The meatball wasn’t particularly dense, nor super light. It was right in between with a good bouncy texture, with a pretty neutral taste and seasoning. But: with a generous slice of melted high quality mozzarella on top, and some really tasty tomato sauce (with a nice hamburger bun and a basil leaf), this was a specific combination that I’m not familiar with. And I loved it. Yum!

Parm Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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