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2023 in lists: concerts & shows, theatre, books, movies and TV

A work in progress … Movies (seen on TV, probably on a streaming service, or on an airplane) Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery: What I liked about this was how purely entertaining it was. It had no pretensions except … Continue reading

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How do I need to promote my small business?

Originally posted 18 August 2020 on I’m going to hit my 10-year anniversary in a few months of being a freelance editor, after a career change from working in the international response to HIV. It’s been an interesting journey, … Continue reading

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Punctuation..? (by User Design)

Originally posted 18 June 2016 on I received a very charming book in the mail the other day. Punctuation..? is a short, handsome book from User Design, a typesetting and illustration business based in Leicester, United Kingdom. With 21 explanations … Continue reading

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Marketing the Arts

Originally published on 12 October 2015 on When I told my pal Grant that I was enjoying providing some copywriting and editing services to the amazing Sydney Dance Company, he told me about his favourite blog on arts marketing, … Continue reading

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NSW pre-qualification for editing services

Originally published 11 March 2014 on I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been prequalified as a contractor for the state of New South Wales in Australia. What does this mean? Well, it’s under the ‘Performance and Management Services’ category … Continue reading

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Some advice on switching web hosting

So, I previously wrote about why I switched from Site5 to Hostinger for web hosting. From what I can tell, Hostinger is reasonably priced, has excellent customer service and has good reviews. BUT if you are thinking of switching web … Continue reading

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Doin’ it for the City (of Sydney)

Originally published on 19 February 2014 on In 2013, I was appointed as one of five members of the City of Sydney Professional Writing Panel. It was a tough and long process to be accepted. We were chosen from … Continue reading

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A small personal history of eating

My family has always been obsessed with food. It needed to tasty and cheap, and bonus points if you knew or liked the people providing it. Combining our Asian heritage with our Asian thrift meant that our favourite restaurants were … Continue reading

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Guest Blog: MarketingHQ – 10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Marketing

Originally posted 29 October 2013 on Marketing has strong links to copywriting and editing. Marketing copy needs to read well and be edited so it’s error-free. Copywriting needs to have basic marketing skills to understand who the target audience … Continue reading

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I switched web hosting! Part 1. Leaving Site5.

So, my yearly web hosting expires in February. I’d finally noticed that for the last many years, the price for web hosting on Site5 is much higher than other competitors. My problem was that I got it, and then just … Continue reading

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