Food n’ Grog in Sydney: Oh! Matcha, World Square

You might have caught on through a few different blog post: I love matcha. I don’t mind the traditional Japanese green tea, although it does taste a bit weedy and vegetal in its truest form. As a flavour for a dessert, I really love it: matcha pannacotta, matcha Kit Kats, matcha cake, match frappucino…

So, stumbling on this very new food stall in the basement of World Square: seems like I will have to just hang out here and try basically everything.

For even though I love matcha, I decided on this occasion that I would try a Black Sesame Latte (as I’ve never tried that, and have had many Matcha Lattes before). It was sensational. Yum.

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Coffee in Sydney, Frankie’s Beans, King’s Cross (Fractional Atmospheric Brew)

Gotta love a man with a story, and Frank Andrews has a good one. He left a corporate career in banking to pursue a love of coffee. He got involved in coffee roasting and won an award for his 3 Colombians blend. He opened up Cafe Without A Name in Alexandria, top rated on Beanhunter, and now, within sight of the Coca-Cola sign at Kings Cross, Frankie’s Beans is serving up premium coffee.

I was intrigued, having been invited to a special launch of the Fractional Atmospheric Brew (FAB). And by the end of the evening, I’d learned more than ever about coffee (and was completely buzzed out of my mind on caffeine).

So, here’s the scoop. There’s a new trend (how new, I’m not sure) for filter coffee. This confused me at first, since that’s what I think of as the (terrible) coffee that I grew up with in Canada, but in fact, that is coffee from an electric percolator (in the corner of college and university cafeterias, mainly, though the coffee from cafes wasn’t all that much better).

THIS coffee is water heated to exactly the right temperature, and carefully poured over freshly ground coffee, and filtered into your cup. It tastes to me more like a strong tea than the coffee I’m used to, which allows, as aficionados will tell you, different flavours and character to appear, which also change depending on the heat. It’s more of an experience of drinking fine wine, I was told: to really savour those flavours.

The problem is that it takes both time (yours) and expertise (someone else’s) to get a cup of this coffee, and you’re likely to have to pay more for it and wait for it. And the quality will depend on rather a lot of variables, including the barista’s expertise, interest or patience, the coffee, the water temperature etc.

So, working with the company Sanremo, Frankie and the team, have adapted the Sanremo Opera (which is a beautifult thing, look at it!) so that as well as your beloved latte and long black, you can get a filter coffee which is consistent and reliable, served quickly to you at a more reasonable price, and better than batch brew, long blacks or filter coffee as made by hand.

While they may be rolling out this technology and idea elsewhere, it seems that Frankie’s is where to get this new invention, for now, a truly original idea: to have a filter-like drink made from an espresso machine.

The other benefit is that the cafe can tailor-make your coffee for you on the spot. We tasted batches of a concentration of 10 and then 15 and then pretty much everything in between. It really was an interesting experience, and tasted to me really like another category of drink completely. It does have a different feel in the mouth, a cleanness, sometimes a citrus taste, some sweet or slightly sour notes, which tend to get more pronounced as the drink cools. I myself liked the brews with a bit more body to them. I wouldn’t say I’m hooked, but I’m certainly open to trying some more… and will be dragging my better half to Frankie’s when we get the chance.

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Sydney Food Diary: Inferno Grill, Maroubra

Inferno Grill is located on a buzzy strip in Maroubra with rather a lot of interesting hole-in-the-wall eateries nearby. It might be worth getting to know the ‘hood a bit better… which is only half an hour’s bus ride from my place in Surry Hills, but I’ve hardly ever been out this way. It’s obviously an institution, with boys in school uniforms stopping by in packs, and other folks from the neighbourhood stopping in for lunch (and the restaurant sending out orders on Deliveroo).

I was hanging out with the gents from Ompty (they and the restaurant shouted me for the meal) and a very pleasant Friday afternoon it was, with a sneaky beer (they’re licensed) and a rather amazing burger. The photos on the menu were taken by Sydney food bloggers! My Boss Hogg burger had bacon and crumbed mozzarela and was delicious and too big to fit into my mouth. I had to use a knife and fork.

They’ve got a good selection of everything though: burgers of chicken or vegetable, a whole range of salads, wraps and Greek Grilled Things.

And they mix up their own flavours of ice creams… and sometimes make colourful sundaes out of them.

Good, honest, casual food served up by friendly folks. Stop by if you get a chance!

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Sydney Food Diary: The Grounds of the City

So, this place is completely bananas. I was just hoping for a coffee, and that chilly winter not quite spring wind made it too cold to sit at the tables outside. So, then I had to ask for a table at the rather intimidating check-in counter, and then opening the door is like entering another world.

A 1920’s cafe: does this hearken back to the Queen Victoria Building across George Street or to Europe or to New York City. I’m not sure but the fit-out is beautiful. Everything was shiny and sparkling and there was this crazy buzz about the place. People seemed excited just to be there, on a Tuesday, mid-morning.

I decided to just grab a snack, and the crumpet was as crumpetty as can be. Homemade. Ten bucks. I ended up smothering both pieces in all the butter and all the jam, and lapping it up like it was their $14 pancake dish.

Most of their heartier dishes are in the $20 range, which makes me roll my eyes at how expensive Sydney and hipster food is. But the Grounds folks have created a bit of a phenomenon: they know how to create a buzz, how to fashion a beautiful atmosphere for dining, and they make great coffee.

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Sydney Food Diary: Edition Coffee Roasters

The latest: So, Edition Coffee Roasters is now open for dinner, on occasion. I couldn’t find clear information on their website or Facebook page, but luckily, on a Saturday night, they were open. It’s a limited menu, with plates to share. Between the three of us, we ordered pretty much one of everything except the edamame and daikon chips.

Generally, we liked it. There’s an interesting Japanese version of a taco, which is more like a wrap your own handroll, with a crisp bit of nori and some sashimi and rice to put in it. We had various other interesting Japanese influenced bites of food, but it was disappointing there wasn’t a bit more choice, nor one big substantial dish that was a standout.

On the other hand, this dish above, now that was a standout, and we liked it so much we ordered two servings. Agedashi tofu in a blackened caramel sauce. Perhaps the best agedashi tofu I have ever had. Worth going for just for that.


And here’s my review of breakfast from December 2016, which was itself an update on a review from the end of 2015:

Just over a year ago, I proposed Edition Coffee Roasters for a coffee meeting because it seemed to be exactly between Surry Hills and Potts Point… My coffee was delicious. The freshly baked cinnamon buns smelled too heavenly to pass up. We split one. It was fine; though the relatively healthy Scandinavian version rather than the weird big doughy North American ones (which are to die for).

I said at the time, ‘I’m coming back for lunch, because why wouldn’t you be interested in a Nordic-Japanese menu?’

img_3838And there my review on Zomato languished, getting just over 15,000 views (which seemed to climb to 16,000 views after this review and 7 likes).

And now, just over a year later, we were trying to get into Trunk Road whose website and google listing said they’d be open on Saturday at noon for lunch, but were not. Lucky for us. I finally had my long-awaited Scandinese breakie.

img_6046The menu here is really, truly interesting. I love Scandinavia and I love Japan, so to combine flavours and techniques of both regions into one place is pretty darn cool. We split the Masu No Misoni: organic miso-simmered trout with sushi rice and wasabi mayo. I thought that the rice looked a little too firm and dry, but it wasn’t. Served with a pickled carrot and perfectly presented for two people, this was delicious.

Then we had Yakuza in Black which was black sesame hotcakes with mango ganache and something with yuzu. Beautiful. Delicious. Not as rich as it looked (but pretty rich).

img_6045Also had a good coffee, and I’d like to come back and try everything on the menu.

I find it amusing that the name of the restaurant doesn’t appear anywhere, not in signage, not on the menu. Perhaps this is a place only for those in the know…

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Coffee in Sydney: Cafe Rumah, Surry Hills

Cafe Rumah is offereing a pretty cool concept: coffee, Malaysian treats and great men’s clothes.

I had coffee here a few times before I finally tried one of their treats. My god: what was I missing? They made the madeleines on the spot, freshly baked for you, and then some coconut jam, kawa, piped in the middle.

Really: You do not want to miss this. Next I should try some lunch items here which have gotten some good reviews…

As I said, I think it’s an awesome thing that they’ve combined the cafe with a men’s clothes store (15 sheets) that sells hard-to-find and interesting brands including one of my faves, Descendant of Thieves.

I found a shirt from them in NYC years ago which has remained a favourite, and I just bought a cool pair of reversible shorts. I love a gimmick.

Let’s see if I can update my blog post on Zomato now. I think it requires me to delete the old review (7330 views and 3 likes, but who’s counting?) and then posting this one up again. Eventually.

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Sydney Food Diary: Kiroran Silk Road

After seeing a sensational film at the Latin American Film Festival (Adriana’s Pact: a gripping story about the extent to which a family member was involved in Pinochet’s secret police), a group of us were taken to one of YK’s favourite restaurants.

I like Uygur food, from what I’ve tried, not like Chinese food that I’m used to with its Muslim and Central Asian influence.

The standout were the lamb skewers: the cumin flavour and the taste of the grill are sensational. A cold lamb’s tongue dish was interesting to start with, a bit spicy. Eggplant was appropriately melting and shiny. We also had a big lamb stew, which was hearty, and a plate of noodles in a peanut sauce.  We had it was their version of naan bread, which was kind of dry and hard, nothing like any naan I’ve had before.

It was bustling on a Saturday night, and the decor is hilarious: as if you’re in the living room of a crazy relative. The curtains are particularly spectacular. It’s worth a try for something different and definitely go for the lamb. All up, just over $20 each, and a good amount of food.

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Drinking in Sydney: Bitter Phew, Darlinghurst

I had stated that I’d just have one drink (on a Saturday late afternoon) and by the time I met up with D, I knew that we’d have two. But how did we end up having four drinks? Such is Sydney. In any case: we loved Bitter Phew.

It’s casual and fun. Got a bit of hip happening and a bit of silliness. A huge selection of interesting craft beers, on tap and in bottles (I had a tasty beer on tap to start the evening). Cocktails were $18 to $20 and the negronis were might fine (though I also tried a martini and… something negroni-like but not as red). It was buzzy but not frantic: just our speed. I’ll be back.

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Sydney Food Diary: 5th Earl, Rosebery

The task at hand, on a Sunday afternoon: Find a place that would serve one of us white wine, one of us coffee and one of us tea. Sweet treats welcome too.

So, providing this already impressed us, as I’m not sure if anyone else is serving wine in the vicinity (on a Sunday afternoon) and having a gin or vodka at Archie Rose seemed a little excessive.

The new complex in Rosebery, the Cannery, is pretty amazing: organic food, high-end providores, a cooking school (filled with kids the day we passed) and hipster coffee places and restaurants. It’s worth an explore, I think, particularly if you live in the area.

We stopped by after visiting the pop-up event with Mamasita visiting Gelato Messina. I had a very tasty tostada and some amped up French Fries and then we were all too full to have an ice cream. Oh well.

My caramel slice was good. Johnny liked his dessert too. It’s a nice ambience. We’re enticed to return.

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Vancouver Food Diary: Sushi Van, Fairview























I wasn’t expecting much from this place: it’s really humble looking; the chefs and staff are Korean; and it’s so cheap, I was wondering: is the food going to be good? But it’s a favourite of my mom’s and I ended up going there with her and my brother on my trip to Vancouver. Some great dishes, like this black cod above.

We ordered a good selection of dishes. And really, I was impressed. For example, the fish collar is an unusual dish, was cheap, was tasty and tender. Mom kept saying how most people wouldn’t know to order this and how good it is. Secret’s out!























The various innovative sushi rolls are worth a try. This one seemed to have some real bits of lobster!























The only dishes I wasn’t impressed with was a tamago nigiri (egg omelet on sushi rice) and mom’s order of a crab roll sushi (with real crab, a dollar or two more). They were the same quality as cheap Japanese take-out or sushi trains… but hey, they hardly cost anything at all.























In the meantime, I forgot my phone and stole Mom’s to take these. Horrible quality and weird shapes. Sorry. And as mentioned, you don’t go here for the decor, or even the ambience. But if you’re up for cheap and surprisingly tasty Japanese food, I would recommend it.

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