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Sydney Food Diary: Pott’Spot, Potts Point

I confess: I passed up eating here previously because… of the sign. I couldn’t read it at first, and it looks more like Pott’Spat than Spot, which is an even more terrible name for a restaurant. The childish lettering, the … Continue reading

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Andy and Stevie’s Sicily Travel Guide

Funny. I hadn’t really heard all that much about Sicily but when we said we were going for a week there, I found it’s a regular destination for international tourists. And why did I think it’s a small place, being … Continue reading

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Book Review: Klaus Ove Knausgård’s My Struggle

My Struggle by Karl Ove Knausgård My rating: 5 of 5 stars A deeply personal reflection on the death of Knausgaard’s father, My Struggle is universal in its exploration of how we observe the world, how we interact with it, … Continue reading

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Sydney Food Diary: Casa Barelli’s Burgundy Truffles from Aldi

Aldi is a phenomenon. I love it. The middle aisles, filled with their current specials, are like a surprise door from a game show: What’s behind door number 3 today? While Aldi has provided me with various delights over time … Continue reading

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Book Review: Andrew Sean Greer’s Less, Fiction

Less by Andrew Sean Greer My rating: 5 of 5 stars I loved Arthur Less, the protagonist of the novel Less. I’ve occasionally fallen in love with the voice of an author or one of their characters but then realised … Continue reading

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Sicily Food Diary: Duomo by Cicco Sultano, Ragusa

Il Duomo was everything I’d hoped for and more: an exquisite fine dining experience, rooted in Sicilian culture, food and ingredients that would be unrepeatable elsewhere. An elegant atmosphere, a chance to try a range of interesting Sicilian wines, and … Continue reading

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Food blogging in Rome

I was lucky enough to spend about four days in Rome before my holidays in Sicily and Southern Italy. Good meals are always on my travel agenda, and writing about those meals serves a few purposes for me: it allows … Continue reading

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Rome Food Diary: Alla Scala Gelato, Trastevere

So, I didn’t want to neglect this gelato place just because it was right beneath my AirBNB. I thought they had an interesting mix of classic and unusual flavours. I tried a ricotta gelato with pomegranate and who knows what … Continue reading

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Bangkok Food Diary: Kalpapreuk, Central World

A pal who has lived in Bangkok many years said that the green curry with sticky rice, a lunch special that I don’t think is always available, would be one of his all-time favourite dishes. So, I decided to stop … Continue reading

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Sydney Food Diary: Dongtian Kitchen, Chinatown

So, I just tried to google why so many round shapes show up in Chinese architecture and decoration and I couldn’t figure it out. So, they’ve made a skyscraper… that’s round. And while it says it alludes to a coin, … Continue reading

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