Review: SimCorner – prepaid travel SIM cards

Oh, the things I’ve done to get connected to my phone while travelling overseas. Hovering around Starbucks. Lurking outside of airport lounges. And many years ago, to the mortification of my husband, opening up my laptop in the middle of a small Italian town and waving it around to try to find an unsecured wireless.

In the meantime, while I used to be able to follow a guidebook, or could prepare in advance for travel enough that I didn’t have to always rely on the internet on my phone, these days I’m too lazy and too used to be able to use my map function to get around, and use the internet to find random pieces of information and (ahem, embarrassingly, to play Pokemon Go).

So, knowing that I’d be in New York City for a whole month, I researched my options and came up with this. I signed up for a month for $60. It took less than a week I think for a SIM card to arrive by post. It was activated upon arrival. It was… a godsend.

I could make restaurant reservations and have them confirm them. I got a ticket to Sweeney Todd, a hot item, by lottery through TodayTix, calling my local mobile number. I didn’t get lost too often, as it is so easy to do. I was able to access random information anytime, and not just when I was at a hotel or AirBNB with wireless. It was totally marvelous and I think well worth it.

I think I ended up using about 2.5GB of data. The only issue that I had was that though you could sign-in to a page online, it didn’t really tell me anything except data usage. Since calls and texts with the USA were free, none of that info was listed. And, which was a problem at the end, it didn’t tell me from what day the service was activated and therefore, at what time exactly my service would expire. However, I did get a text in advance of this happening.

All in all though: a very useful service. If you think you might need it, I can recommend SimCorner.

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