Food n’ Grog in Sydney: Oh! Matcha, World Square

You might have caught on through a few different blog post: I love matcha. I don’t mind the traditional Japanese green tea, although it does taste a bit weedy and vegetal in its truest form. As a flavour for a dessert, I really love it: matcha pannacotta, matcha Kit Kats, matcha cake, match frappucino…

So, stumbling on this very new food stall in the basement of World Square: seems like I will have to just hang out here and try basically everything.

For even though I love matcha, I decided on this occasion that I would try a Black Sesame Latte (as I’ve never tried that, and have had many Matcha Lattes before). It was sensational. Yum. I went back another time and got a soft serve ($4, seems reasonable) which was a mixture of matcha (they also had the flavour matcha latte, and I am wondering what the difference would be) and hojicha, which is a slightly savoury Japanese tea, a green tea roasted brown (sometimes over charcoal). I think of hojicha as brown rather than grey, so found the colour confusing… but the combo was tasty.

Oh! Matcha Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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