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Bike Bashing on Media Watch

Friends informed me that I was on Media Watch last night! Luckily both a video and transcript are up online. A number of weeks ago, I was incensed to read about the misinformation that the Daily Telegraph is putting up … Continue reading

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Welcome Maneki-Neko.

You know, I always wanted a Maneki-Neko, a Japanese fortune cat, or money cat, or lucky cat, he goes by many names. I find him endearingly tacky, and he reminds me of Japan (which I love), or even little shops … Continue reading

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It’s not me, it’s you: Office: Mac 2011 = Crazymaking

4 Feb 2013 As an editor, and a mac user, the main tool of my trade is Office: Mac 2011. I wish I had a better tool. Regularly, my documents will suddenly show me a blank dialogue box. Then the … Continue reading

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Kamahl Extras!

Kamahl Interview, Part 2: Extras! When I arrived at Kamahl’s beautiful and spacious home in quiet North Sydney, he asked me to sit down at his table, and apologized if there were any problems with our interview time. He had … Continue reading

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Here’s Kamahl

[In 2009, I had the great privilege to interview one of Australia’s music legends, Kamahl, for Peril Magazine. I recently checked on it to share it with a friend who was recently hanging with Kamahl… and discovered that their archives … Continue reading

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Our culture stagnating

Ages ago, a friend forwarded me an article from Vanity Fair. From January 2012, Kurt Anderson argues that our culture and style has stagnated in reaction to so much technological and political change (we’re exhausted by change and hang onto … Continue reading

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What I learned in voice class

I just finished 8 weeks of ‘Contemporary Singer 2‘ class at the Sydney Conservatorium of music with Edoardo Santone as our teacher. Final concert was last week! Phew. It went well. What I learned My past singing didn’t given me … Continue reading

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Book Review: Anne Tyler’s Back When We Were Grown Ups

Back When We Were Grown Ups by Anne Tyler My rating: 2 of 5 stars I’ve read a few Anne Tyler novels, way back when, and obviously liked them enough to keep returning to them. She creates memorable, fully-dimensional characters … Continue reading

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Film Review: We need to talk about Kevin

The film, ‘We need to talk about Kevin’, has gotten some great reviews – I’d heard the buzz, so when my buddy John told me about free tickets to a preview here in Sydney, I readily agreed. Tilda Swinton is … Continue reading

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Remember postcards? That you send through the post? I still see them for sale, but does anyone send them anymore? I certainly don’t. I remember a short phase where e-postcards were created. But it was still easier to just find … Continue reading

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