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Big Apple Food Adventures: Amy Ruth’s, Harlem

   I didn’t think I’d get to eat Soul Food again before I left New York City, but I took an express train in the wrong direction and ended up in Harlem. Seriously. So, after chilling out at Mist with … Continue reading

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Home cooking: Rye and molasses no-knead bread

So, the adventures in bread making continue. After my first attempts, I was still enjoying the bread, but I felt confused about how I could be using whole-wheat flour and rye flour and the bread just basically tasted like heavy … Continue reading

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Home cooking: Whole wheat no-knead bread

I’m not sure how in middle age I have become a baker of bread, but it’s a welcome development. I remember marvelling every time a college classmate, Shelley, would make bread. It seemed mostly simple, somewhat complex and an awfully … Continue reading

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