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Cologne: He Wood Rocky Mountain by DSquared2

I really liked this one, though I have the feeling I was also a sucker for the packaging and marketing. Isn’t it pretty? And being from the West Coast of Canada, the idea of a bit of Rocky Mountains in … Continue reading

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Product review: American Tourister Airforce 1, Expandable hardside suitcase

Luggage has been a big part of my life. I’ve done a lot of travelling for work, and even in younger days, schlepping my belongings across the country for university required figuring out the best way to transport them. My … Continue reading

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Notes from the Paris Winter Sales 2015

Arriving in Paris in October, I found out that there are only two official sales periods in France a year, closely regulated by the government. Having waited three months for the winter sale start, I was full of anticipation. And … Continue reading

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Men’s Clothes in Paris: Resale, Consignment, Thrift & Outlet

As a teenager, I always loved thrift shops because of the hidden surprises within, the bargains, and the bargain surprises. So, after developing a taste for nice clothes in Europe (with much coaching from friends who were appalled by my … Continue reading

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Cologne: Heaven by Chopard

I don’t think I ever paid any attention at all to scent until my mid-twenties or later. I had a bunch of allergies, to pollens and dust, and my nose was always a bit congested. I never considered wearing a … Continue reading

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My New Keepcup: The Reuse Revolution (again)

I ordered my new keepcup online and it arrived last week. I had one already, but have decided lately I really want a LARGE coffee and so needed a proper large cup to match. I’m completely amused by Keepcup’s website … Continue reading

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It’s not me, it’s you: Office: Mac 2011 = Crazymaking

4 Feb 2013 As an editor, and a mac user, the main tool of my trade is Office: Mac 2011. I wish I had a better tool. Regularly, my documents will suddenly show me a blank dialogue box. Then the … Continue reading

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Meet the Piperoids

Not this but last Christmas, the mom of my boyf’s best friend’s husband, who was staying with them at the time, gave us a little Christmas gift. A simple set of rolled paper, marked carefully where you cut them, and … Continue reading

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My Vacuum Cleaner

When I first started this blog, I sometimes wrote about creativity and writing, but I also wrote about experiences that I felt had a literary quality about them. But lately, all I’ve been doing is focusing on writing about writing … Continue reading

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