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How to refill a long lighter

Does anyone else have this problem? I’ve never liked cigarette lighters. I spin the little metal dial, get the flame up, and then when trying to light my tea lights (which is the main reason why I would use a … Continue reading

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Home cooking: Mapo Tofu

Mapo Tofu originated from the Sichuan province and has a fairly good origin story: the Village Voice identifies the creator as an old woman with a pock-marked face (from smallpox). Perhaps people decided it would be kinder to call her … Continue reading

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Bodum tea warmer: Chambord

So, the problem, dear readers was this. I like to serve tea to my reiki clients. Most new clients come about twenty minutes before their appointment, but not always. So, while there is an issue of making the tea in … Continue reading

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Review: SimCorner – prepaid travel SIM cards

Oh, the things I’ve done to get connected to my phone while travelling overseas. Hovering around Starbucks. Lurking outside of airport lounges. And many years ago, to the mortification of my husband, opening up my laptop in the middle of … Continue reading

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New York City Adventures: The Flower District

I can’t find much or anything recent about visiting NYC’s Flower District, also called the Chelsea Flower Markets, between 6th and 7th streets on 28th Avenue. But as my mother is a bit of a flower fanatic, I found what … Continue reading

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Men’s Clothes in NYC: Resale, Consignment, Thrift & Outlet

A post on this topic in Paris is my top-viewed blog posting ever… So, an entry about browsing for secondhand and cheap clothes (my natural state of being) in the Big Apple would seem to be in order. But in … Continue reading

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Product review: American Tourister Airforce 1, Expandable Hardside

Luggage has been a big part of my life. I have done a lot of travelling for work, and even in younger days, schlepping my belongings across the country for university required some thoughts about the best way to transport … Continue reading

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Travel Diary: El Calafate to Torres del Paine (and back!)

If you are travelling from Sydney to Latin America, it seems that the routes divide between your frequent flyer plan. If you are with One World, you go through Santiago (and from there to anywhere else) and if you are … Continue reading

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Home cooking: Rye and molasses no-knead bread

So, the adventures in bread making continue. After my first attempts, I was still enjoying the bread, but I felt confused about how I could be using whole-wheat flour and rye flour and the bread just basically tasted like heavy … Continue reading

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Sydney Food Diary: Great Aunty Three, Surry Hills

It was clear to me, just from a quick glance, that this restaurant had the right concept for the right location. Right next to the immensely popular Chat Thai in what was once a grocery store that unusually sold Latin … Continue reading

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